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Louis Maalouf
Real Estate Broker.
LAC Consulting Services

Value Driven and Integrated Real Estate, Business and Capital, Brokerage & Consulting Services

We provide services that straddle the crucial areas of real estate, business and capital consulting and brokerage services.

Our services are fully integrated, flowing seamlessly across disciplines. The services to implement your particular objectives and strategies are accessed as needed and coordinated by IGENERAL's single-contact manager, interfacing with and complementing your financial, legal, accounting, operations and real estate departments.

We provide exceptional service and a dedicated focus on your needs, emphasizing service and teamwork, communication and determination, precision and quality, flexibility and responsiveness, expertise and ingenuity. We provide a high level of commitment, integrity and energy and aspire to exceed your expectations.

We are trusted advisors and our client's passionate advocates, representing your interests as if they were ours. We have no conflicts and are committed to execute solely for your benefit.

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Real Estate Consulting and Brokerage Services
Full service

We are a full service real estate brokerage firm and our services encompass a broad area of expertise in structuring, preparing and negotiating offers and leases. We handle the acquisition, marketing and sale, leasing and location consulting of real estate in both major and secondary markets in Canada.

We have Bottom-up/top-down understanding of real estate fundamentals, occupancy efficiencies, short, mid and long range occupancy strategies, creating unique financial and operational solutions for real estate occupancy challenges. We represent entrepreneurs, individuals, corporations and institutions in investment transactions for business, office, industrial, retail, residential, hotel, leisure and retirement properties.

We analyze portfolios and make strategic recommendations to enhance the contribution of your real estate assets to the corporate bottom line. We view each property from both an operations and an investment perspective. Based on the goals of ownership and the individual characteristics of the property, we develop strategies to enhance the value of the facility.

We have no conflicts, we are not a property manager, buyer or principal. We are committed to execute solely for your benefit.

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Business Consulting and Brokerage Services
We get the deal done

We make sure the deal is done and is structured right. We provide deal management and co-ordination of real estate, commercial, legal, financial, human resources, operations and information services.

We conduct initial assessments of the target, identifying key risk areas and potential deal breakers, the target's strengths and weaknesses against industry benchmarks and evaluate the potential investment in the context of your existing business.

Our due diligence involves gathering and interpreting financial and management information, review and assessment of the operation, past and current financial projections, markets and products, customer base and competitive positions, asset management and cash flows, real estate, human resources, logistics and information systems.

You will have the option to retain our services after the deal closes. We support the development and execution of progressive business plans and strategies to maximize sales growth, improve operational efficiencies, create value and sustainable competitive advantage and help steer new company in the direction of success, through practical solutions that deliver results.

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Financial Consulting and Brokerage Services
We source capital

We are a financial intermediary servicing Canadian companies in all stages of development. We help businesses and individuals get the financing they need to get established, expand, refinance or increase flexibility in their business.

We are not a bank, we are more like you. We bring perspective to understanding your needs. We focus on solutions tailored to your needs, not "one-size-fits-all" products. We start with a thorough needs assessment and then we craft a structure to meet your specific requirements.

We work with a wide range of lenders including banks, credit unions, lessors, factors, finance companies and other non-traditional lenders that go beyond those available from any one funding source.

We also offer services to help businesses prepare and qualify for financing.

We supplement the financing services with a full range of real estate and business transactional services to provide customers one stop for their real estate, business and capital needs and solutions.

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Business Advisory and Consulting Services
Where ideas and execution come together

We are business advisors, consultants and strategists.

We support the development and execution of feasibility studies, progressive business plans and strategies to secure financing, maximize sales growth, improve operational efficiencies and transform business ideas and visions into reality. We aspire to create value, sustainable competitive advantage and help steer your company in the direction of success through practical solutions that deliver results, success and business growth.

We support your efforts in the preparation of sales and marketing plans, board presentations, respond to, prepare and prepare you for and negotiate on your behalf bids and requests for proposals.

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Retail Services
From thought to finish

We are retail and multi-location specialists and have extensive retail experience and understand the key business drivers of retail which are critical to the identification, acquisition, development and management of profitable retail businesses and sites.

We can deliver turnkey projects and solutions relative to any element within the retail distribution channel, from concept development to full turnkey solutions. We provide market entry and retail network development and expansion services, including fast track roll outs, format assessment and repositioning, restructuring and rationalization, and the full range of real estate and project management services, up to and including initial management and hand-over.

We have the expertise and relationships to look after and manage all phases of your retail and multi-location real estate portfolio. Our strength comes from knowledge and over 25 years of retail, real estate and business development experience and an intimate knowledge of every major and secondary market throughout Canada.

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